Current Server Rules

Miscreated Server Rules

  • No Base Raiding
  • No Vehicle Hoarding
  • No Tent Hoarding
  • No Griefing

To explain these a little better:


No Base Raiding includes breaking down doors or walls and shooting into a base without provocation. Avoid interfering with people who are building. *Base Damage is currently switched off – if you jump into a base and get stuck, you’ve got some serious explaining to do.


No Vehicle Hoarding means that you should not find a vehicle and store it in your base, (or every vehicle you come across) never to be used in the world again. Vehicles have storage space but should not be used as supplemental storage – if you have too many things then you need to learn to triage/prioritise what you have and stop storing so much. There are heaps of things in the world, you don’t have to have them all. Keep it to one or at most two vehicles per base, and don’t hide them all away from the world. It’s not fair to other players.


No Tent Hoarding is the same as No Vehicle Hoarding, there are only 10 per server,  you really don’t need to have more than one tent in your base. You just don’t. If you think you do, you need to rethink how much stuff you actually need.


No Griefing should be obvious, the game is designed and intended to work in such a way that PVP can and will happen at any time. This is accepted. What will not be accepted is people who pursue and victimise someone repeatedly, making their game experience negative enough that they leave. We want to keep players, otherwise there is no one to play with. This now also includes battle logging as a form of griefing, as apparently some of us are Rules Lawyers minus common courtesy and require it in writing. Battle logging could be defined as being cornered and logging out in order to deprive someone you’ve engaged of the chance of retribution. If you start a battle, finish the battle or you’ll find yourself unwelcome.


We also ask that people be a little circumspect about where they place their bases, we don’t want them on roads or main thoroughfares, especially not set up as ambush or trap points. Because of the No Base Raiding rule, this would become an extremely unfair thing to other players. Try to pick a field or a hidden forest location, not a road.


Please don’t spam the server chat, and definitely don’t spam server chat with links or ascii dick pictures. It’s not appreciated when we have to trawl through the log files and repeat offenders will be dealt with harshly.


Admin reserve the right to remove bases that are on roads, particularly if they impede vehicles.


Bans can be either immediate or followed up later by staff, so don’t think you’ve gotten away with something – it might come back to bite you later on when we catch up with the backlog. If you need to appeal the ban, do so via our Discord chat in the #helpdesk text channel.
It will be handled by the person who performed the ban, as they have more information on what actually occurred. 
Bans won’t be lifted unless more than two admins agree.

We also don’t do “soft” or “timed” bans. If you’re banned and you make a real effort to contact us and apologise and try to do better, you’ll more than likely get back in. If you’re silent and do nothing, we’ll assume you’re not learning and you won’t be welcome back.



Your admins are the people you can contact and talk to if you run into any problems or issues during gameplay. You may let them know if your base is broken into or if you’re being griefed by another player and they will then deal with the situation accordingly.

Admins and owners will not ban you simply for killing them in battle, they will not coerce you or use their position in game for favours or use their status as any kind of leverage at all. Do not however mistake that for permission to behave badly in any given encounter, you will receive a spanking if you do.
Contact us immediately if someone is abusing their status and it will be dealt with appropriately.



 If a complaint is raised and the persons comments or actions can be validated then it will be reviewed by more than one admin, based on merit and bans handed out if seen to be required. If no individual complaints are raised but collectively we identify people not acting appropriately or “griefing” then it will again be reviewed and  bans handed out as required. But be warned, If you are found to be making constant baseless claims about others, you too may face action. 

Combined Custom Mods in use on AusAntiHeroes Miscreated Server


Bigger build area, compatible with a switch from SimonFromSpace’s Creative Mod to avoid truncating bases.
600 parts, 50 meter high build.
Increased 5x searchable and 10x normal Loot.
Increased storage box sizes.
Ammo boxes to 200 rounds each.
Sniper magazines to 10 rounds – temporary until I can be bothered making a new 10 round magazine.
Vector magazines to 30 rounds – temporary until I can be bothered making a new 30 round magazine.
Ghillie Suit storage increase to allow hunting without a duffel bag.

2 Army trucks 
2 SWAT trucks 
0 bicycle 
20 dirtbikes 
15 dune buggy 
5 utes 
2 fishing boat 
5 jetski 
1 party bus 
5 ATV 
7 sedan 
4 police 
3 taxi 
4 SUV 
1 towcar 
0 tractor 
1 5 ton trucks
2 Prime Movers
Much faster and more fun Motorbike and Buggy.

Plot sign is set to receive no damage. This works better than setting zero damage via factions, as cars/barrels/extinguishers etc can still take damage in normal play.

We also run PorkChopSandwiches’ extended base parts and landscaping mods.

Welcome to the Aus AntiHeroes website.

Howdy, and Welcome.

This is the auxiliary website for the Miscreated and SCUM game servers Aus AntiHeroes. 

Feel free to use the  Free Candy Discord server to chat, exchange screenshots/videos etc or to report abuse.

Steam group is available at: Aus AntiHeroes.
Aus AntiHeroes Discord server: Free Candy.

If you’re in a super-giving mood, you can donate towards the server costs here via paypal.

We’re still here…

Yep, still going after all this time.
We currently run 2 modded servers, AusAntiHeroes Orca Island and AusAntiHeroes Canyonlands.

Have a look at the mod listings, there’s a description of what is contained in each mod.

We can now perform admin duties a lot easier. Orca Island plot signs have been locked down so that we can keep a handle on where the builds are happening (it’s “build-anywhere” but there are certain areas that should not be messed with).

Vehicles and weapons are now way more interesting. If you want a long boring conversation, ask me about setting up the Kriss Vector with a proper expanded magazine… I’m also exceptionally proud of the work I did on the lights for the Shelby Mustang.

Anyway, come and check it all out. Join us on our discord chat (th elink is up top there).